1. About us

About us

Kitesurflegend.com is a open project to share the passion, knowledge and all that there is about kitesurfing with the rest of the world.

You want to learn a new trick or know something about a specific kite and all the videos, photos, reviews are available in 1 place with 1 click. How wonderful is that? The kitesurflegend platform makes this finally possible.

For the critics out there who looked at the site and think that there is more much to gain yet. Yes, you are right. Alone we are unable to fill the platform by ourselves. The platform is for everyone and we therefore encourage every kitesurfer out there to add all the information you have.

We are aware that people these days are not really willing to share unless they gain from it. Well, besides the power of information, placing information here to your school or whatsoever delivers excellent SEO-value. So we all gain from this beautiful platform.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve the platform, don’t hesitate to share this with us trough the contact page.

Happy kitesurfing!