Carving turns

All the information about carving turns when kitesurfing. Carving turns are one of the first and elemental things a kitesurfer beginner learns.

Kitesurf carving turns explanation

Carving turns are fun and a big improvement for kitesurf beginners after the well know kitesurf-stop-sink-and-turn-move.

With enough momentum and speed you can create a nice carve and spray and turn to the other direction with style.

Kitesurf carving turns videos

Carving Turn Technique

This kitesurf Carving turn tutorial from Progression explains in less than two minutes how to perform the carving turn when kitesurfing. Progression explains with kite and board control how to perform the carving turn and master this move rapidly.

Toeside Carve Transition by

This video tutorial shows the more advanced form of carving turns. Within this video they show you how to perform a carving turn from heelside to toeside, which is often used when wave kiting.

Heel to toe carving turns by Progression sports

A two minute video from Progression sports which also shows the more advanced version of the carving turn.

Updated on June 19, 2017

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