All the information about the kitesurf move the Darkslide. No, not the dark side, but the darkslide. A slick and cool looking kitesurf move.

Kitesurf Darkslide explanation

The darkslide is the kitesurf move where you slide above the water with your toeside rail. The move is not considered as one of the most difficult moves out there, but it demands good kite control and practice.

Darkslide videos

Darkslide hooked by North

One more great video tutorial from North Kiteboarding. This darkslide tutorial video has some great footage how to approach the darkslide in terms of body and kite control. Definitely one of the best darkslide videos out there.

Darkslide Tutorial by Rasmuskk

A 1.5 minute darkslide tutorial video with slow motion footage with a kiteloop approach. A simple but good video.

Darkslide tutorial by Kitesurfco

A 1.5 minute video which shows the darkslide steps in a easy manner.

Darkslide fun videos

Best Darkslide footage 2017

Beautiful video with awesome darkslide footage to inspire all the kitesurfers there to learn and/or improve this cool move.

Updated on June 26, 2017

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