Kite jump start

All the information about performing a jump start when kitesurfing. It’s a different way of a kite start with more power and more style for more advanced kitesurfers.

Kite jump start explanation

The kite jump start is the move where you run with your kiteboard, slide the board on the water and jump in to the straps of your board. It is a beautiful, but more complicated move for more advanced kitesurfers. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information or footage related to the jump start.

Kite jump start videos

How to run and jump on board by Dimitri

Great kite jump start video by Dimitri who always teaches with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Cool beach jump start by Daniel Leow

Daniel shows another variation where you don’t slide the board, but jump and get in to the straps in air.


Updated on June 20, 2017

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