All the information about the feared kitesurf move, the kiteloop. The kiteloop is probably the most controversial topic within kitesurfing. Beside the skills, you need a certain amount of courage to start with this extreme loop as well. This page will hopefully help you get trough the tough learning process of looping the kite.

Kitesurf Kiteloop explanation

The kiteloop is one of the kitesurf moves that automatically wins respect from the people observing doing this move. The kiteloop is considered extreme and a real

The kiteloop is the move where you loop the kite 360 degrees and the kite generates the most power. The bigger the loop, the more power the kite generates. The more extreme kiteloops are also know als the ‘megaloop’.

Kiteloop videos

Kiteloop Saga by Vlad Postelnicu

Vlad explains beginners in simple steps how to begin practicing the kiteloop.

How to kite loop by

This is a good and extensive video concerning the kiteloop. Jeff explains the kiteloop in theory with the goal to make sure you will loop like a pro.

How to kite loop kite surfing tutorial

This three minute kiteloop tutorial from The Hoxton Special is focussed on beginners landing their first kiteloop.

Ultimate kiteloops – Episode 1

Anton says it’s possible for everyone to learn the kiteloop and that is all a question of taking the right steps before you rush in to the kiteloop. Beginning with the downloop in less wind for example is one of the important first steps to take. In his 6 minute video Anton explains you step-by-step how to begin with a safe and good kiteloop.

Kiteloop fun videos

Big and small kiteloops by Nikolay

Some nice footage of Nikolay peforming several kiteloops and backroll kiteloops at Long Island New York

Updated on June 20, 2017

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