All the information about the kitesurf trick backroll. This is a beginner trick and often the first trick a kitesurf beginner learns.

Kitesurf backroll trick explanation

The backroll is one the easiest kitesurf trick out there because the roll feels most natural to kitesurfers. A lot of kitesurfers start with the backroll as their first trick. The feeling and satisfaction is not any less when performing the cool move for the first, second of thirtieth time.

A backroll is basicly a 360 turning counter clockwise. You don’t need a lot of lift to do the backroll, a simple pop or a little chop will do the trick as well.

The steps to perform a backroll when kitesurfing:

  • Keep your kite at an angle of 45 degrees. Don’t send your kite too high, this will cause you to over rotate. Keeping the kite too low though, will make it harder to finish the rotation properly.
  • Edge properly and send the nose of the board a little upwind.
  • Push and make sure you get the pop out of your board. A little chop or wave will make it a lot easier for you to perform this step.
  • Don’t over do it. The smaller the movement, the better. Look with your head to the direction you want to go (behind your shoulder) and your body will follow as well.
  • Spot your landing. Do you see where you want to land? Stretch your legs now. This will stop the rotation.
  • Bend your knees to soften the landing.
  • Turn the bar to untwist the lines. Congratulations, This is it!

Below you will find videos, tips, photos and more information related to doing the kitesurf backroll. If you have any visual, or written information to add concerning this 360 roll, please don’t hesitate to submit your tutorial, photo, video, tips or experience through the form below.

Kitesurf backroll trick videos

The perfect Backroll by Lewis Crathern

This backroll video is a good backroll tutorial video from pro kitesurfer Lewis Crathern. Lewis explains how you can stick the perfect backroll with this easy-to-comprehend and step-by-step tutorial. The backroll video takes about 4 minutes and shows you all the key points.

How to do a Backroll by North Kiteboarding Academy

Another great video by North Kiteboarding how to do the kitesurf backroll. This 3 minute video has great footage and shows you step-by-step how to begin with the backroll, and not to forget, how to land is as well.

Back rolls by Progression sports

Progession is famous for their DVD’s and training videos. Because of the internet and of course our Kitelegend database, Progession is not the only and the best source these days to learn your tricks. Watch this two minute backroll video of Progession and improve your skills when practicing your (first) backroll.

Backroll Variations

If you are able to perform a regular backroll, then it’s time to practice another variations of this cool kitesurf move. The basic backroll is the start of many more new cool moves yet to come. Watch the videos below and become a backroll legend when kitesurfing!

Backroll to Toeside by Lewis Crathern

Another great video from Lewis Crathern how to perform a Backroll to toeside movement. The backroll to toeside is similar to a normal backroll, but with an extra rotation to land toeside after the backroll rotation.

Unhooked Backroll by Ewan Jaspan

Ewan Jaspan learns you how to do the backroll. Though the title just says a (regular) backroll, in this video explains Ewan how to do the unhooked backroll, which is considered slightly more difficult than the hooked backroll. Our advise is to study the previous videos first and try to land the hooked backroll. And when you are able to land the hooked backroll, then switch to learning the unhooked backroll version.

Updated on June 30, 2017

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