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Kitesurf Cabo Verde

Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde is the (kite)surf spot on Salamansa. The organization of the Salamansa Cabo Verde surf club achieved to realize a simple, yet a spacious and luxurious kitesurf spot at the beach of Salamansa São Vicente. This surf spot of Salamansa is the first you see when entering the beach of Salamansa São Vicente. When entering Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde, you will most likely be welcomed by Jair, the local (kitesurf) manager of the Salamansa surf spot.

The kitesurf spot Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde at Salamansa beach is well thought through and well suited for all surfers. For starters, there is a place to sit and relax a little bit. This way you can hit the waves of São Vicente while your family is relaxing in the sun or shadow with a book or the more spoiled version, the iPad.

Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde has even a place to change clothes and offers a lot of room to store your surf and kite gear. Surprisingly they even have a big bar which raises the question when they will organize their next Salamansa Surf party.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to hassle of bringing your own surfboard, kitesurf gear etc. , you can rent your surf gear at Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde for a decent price as well. We also work together with Kitesurf Salamanso Cabo Verde for the best lessons and prices when it comes to surfing and kitesurfing.

Because of the real surf atmosphere, the spaciousness, you can see that the large majority of the surfers and kitesurfers hang around Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde. Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde is the second kitesurf school in São Vicente and the neighbor of the confusing Kitesurf Cabo Verde (also known as La Creperie La Chez Zoe to  make it even more confusing..) where the Parisian chef Elvis rules the scepter.

Our advice is to get your sandwich, Crep or other meal at La Creperie Chez Zoe from Elvis and Olga. For the real surf deal, good surf vibe, we prefer to go to Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde.

Updated on June 19, 2017

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