All the information about the kitesurf move riding toeside. This is a beginner move and easy to learn for all the beginners starting with kitesurfing.

Toeside riding explanation

The standard way of kitesurfing is heelside (pressure on the heelside of your foots). As you can already guess, the opposite of riding heelside, is riding toeside (pressure forwards on the toes of your feet).

Riding toeside opens a lot of new doors to new tricks and is the foundation for kitesurfing. To become a better kitesurfer, it is essential to learn how to ride toeside.

Kitesurf riding toeside videos

Toeside the easy way by

Simple, but good video from which lasts for 3 minutes. This video shows you the fundamentals of riding toeside when kitesurfing.

Ride toe-side by North Kiteboarding Academy

Another 3 minute great video from North Kiteboarding how to ride toeside. The video offers great footage and shows you step-by-step how to ride toeside. The slow build up, great footage and explanation, make this toeside tutorial one of the best videos out there.

Riding toeside by Progression sports

Another classical video from the famous Progession sports about riding toeside. Progession has an easy 2 minute video how to start learning riding toeside.

Updated on June 19, 2017

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