Riding blind

All the information about the kitesurfing blind. Riding blind is considered a easy beginner trick which has a lot of style and offers a lot of new openings to cool new kitesurf moves and tricks.

Riding blind explanation

When riding blind, you are kitesurfing with your back facing the kite. In kitesurfing this is considered as riding blind. Riding blind is not too difficult, but is requires that you keep the kite in the right position to maintain speed and power and the right body movement to ride smoothly and not fall in to the water. Entering the blind position can be achieved by many variations. You can slide with the board of pop to blind with a little air. The riding blind videos below will definitely help you mastering this cool kitesurf trick.

Riding blind videos

5 Steps how to learn hooked Blind

Alby offers simple but good tutorial videos on several tricks when it comes to kitesurfing. His riding blind tutorial video is a good example of a  good video with easy to comprehend steps and a direct approach to learn riding blind. Alby Rondina show you in this 2.5 minute video in 5 simple steps how to easily master the move and before you know it, you will be kitesurfing blind.

How to pop to blind on a kiteboard

Blake is a kitesurfer / instructor from Key West, Florida USA. We personally find some of his video a little bit messy, but he definitely always tries to explain all the tricks perfectly. We therefore think that his riding blind, or pop to blind video, is well worth watching. In a little bit more than 3 minutes, Blake explains you the technique how to ride blind.


Updated on June 21, 2017

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