Ruben Lenten

All the information about the Dutch Pro kiteboarder Ruben Lenten. Ruben is also known as the master of extreme and an example for many kitesurfers.

Ruben Lenten

Ruben Lenten biography

  • Name: Ruben Lenten
  • Date of birth: 30/03/1998
  • Place of birth: Noordwijk (NL)
  • Home spot: Noordwijk
  • Sponsor: Red Bull, Slingshot

Ruben Lenten videos


Extreme conditions and extreme kitesurfing by Ruben Lenten.

Ten Days with LEN10: Episode 1 – Love Life!

What is for sure is that I feel very good in and around the Mother City, it gives me a lot… the nature, food, people and energy are all contributing to a great foundation. I always feel very grounded, loved and fully expressed in Cape Town, which enabled me to feel and experience the deep feelings I have for Nikki. She’s such an awesome person who makes me feel very good and she deserves to be loved to the fullest. I finally realized that in between all the hectic activities, to the point where I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Then I got a ring made and dropped on one knee, luckily she responded with a yes!! ☺ Nothing a couple of Red Bull Vodka’s couldn’t fix! Haha – just kiddin’

With so much love in the air Cape Town is the perfect place for riding and living. I always enjoy it and nail some of my best moves during sunset sessions. Pure bliss! The feeling I got when I landed the Megaloop 900 front was amazing, it went so effortlessly and smooth that it seemed like a dream. I love it when you commit to your feelings and fully enjoy the adventure!

Ten Days with LEN10: Episode 2 – Live Life!

To live life to the fullest you’ve got to work hard and play hard, that’s for sure. Everything is a new adventure with ups and downs, which make us stronger in so many ways. A great up was hanging with my buddy Clinton, what a nice guy… and he also took us Freediving with sharks in Durban. This was my second time freediving with sharkies, I mean when I actually saw them. 😉 What an experience, the underwater world is something special anyways but blending in with these guys adds another level. So calm and relaxed but yet so aware!

Sounds like a great way to be to me… in and out of the water. My way to keep up with all the happenings is to do meditation and really sink deep down into myself and relax. Adding sound to the meditation is something I really enjoy as it helps me to go deeper.

Kiteboarding is also a great way of meditation for me as I usually don’t think much whilst I’m out there. It’s all about the feeling and cruise-mode…

Ride hard and fly high!


Ten Days with LEN10: Episode 3 – Ride Hard!

The Red Bull King of the Air stole my heart from when I first saw the photos appear on the Internet around 2003. Massive jumps performed by pioneers such as Flash Austin, Max Bo and of course Robby Naish. The guys were flying huuugggee in Hawaii… and that was my inspiration.

For years I competed at the Freestyle World Tour, which was awesome… 16 years old, traveling the world to master the most technical tricks and ride with the world’s best talent. A rollercoaster ride, that’s for sure.
It wasn’t until the Red Bull King of the Air in 2005 when I really found out what I loved about the sport so much. Going big!

Now ten years later, the Red Bull King of the Air runs again… this time in Cape Town and it’s a great platform for the sport with some epic riders involved. It pushes and promotes the sport, the brands, riders and lifestyle big time, so I love it. Sharing the passion with the world!

For this year Red Bull King of the Air Mother Nature didn’t supply us the proper goods and was messing around with us for 3 days! On top of that four other things happened which eventually threw me off of balance resulting in me not performing the way I wanted. Two of my hardest crashes ever put me into a bit of a downward spiral and I ended up getting pretty upset… learning a lesson or two and now I am happily moving on as a Freerider! 😀

Thanks to all my dear partners for believing in me and supporting my visions and missions. Rocking it together!

Red Bull, ALOHA, Skycatch, Inc., WeTransfer, WOO Sports, Best Kiteboarding, Mystic and Inboard.

Big up to Michael Zomer for capturing my face and editing these pieces!

Cheers Eyeforce and Shjark Group for all the support!

Updated on June 21, 2017

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